Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement is a contract between both parties and in the event the marriage crumbles and you end up in a divorce or one of you dies, it determines the outcome.

The New Summary Consent Decree

A Summary Consent Decree is a newer process that allows parties that are in full agreement on all of the terms to be able to divorce in an easier process…

Contested vs. Uncontested Court Case

A contested legal matter means you and the opposing party in your case do not agree on everything. On the other hand, if the parties agree, then it would be an uncontested matter

The Better Divorce Part 2

Do you want a Better Divorce? Part 1 covered what a Better Divorce is and Part 2 explains what the process looks like and possible issues.

The Better Divorce

A better divorce exists. Divorces are often emotion-filled and endless drains of time and money.

How does ICWA affect a DCS (or CPS) case?

ICWA has a number of protections, but they can be summed up with two words: participation and difficulty.

How does ICWA benefit me or my child?

ICWA is designed to benefit an Indian child by protecting the child’s cultural and familial bonds to the child’s Indian tribe. In the culture of many Indian tribes, the tribe is the child’s family.

How does ICWA affect the placement of an Indian child?

ICWA affords opportunities for an Indian child’s family and tribe to participate in any DCS case involving an “Indian child.”

Legal Separation in the State of Arizona

Legal Separation will divide all of the assets and debts, and award legal decision-making (custody), parenting time, child support and/or spousal maintenance. 

Divorce in the State of Arizona

Divorce is the legal process of dissolving your marriage. It is also typically referred to as a dissolution of marriage action.

Establishing Paternity in the State of Arizona

Paternity is the legal process of establishing the paternity of a child.  A paternity action cannot be filed until after the child is born and can be initiated by either the parent of the child.

Stepparent Adoption in the State of Arizona

In Arizona a stepparent can adopt their spouse’s child. This can provide permanency to a child who does not have a relationship with their other biological parent and many times has never had a relationship with the other parent.