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A better divorce exists. Divorces are often emotion-filled and endless drains of time and money. Taking your divorce to trial is rarely worth it. For the most part, everything is what it is. Property, businesses, debts, and assets are divisible. And if there cannot be two halves, they are distributed equitably. For example, one person may receive fewer debts and less assets to offset. Or the parties might use the retirement funds to offset one person keeping the equity in the marital home. For children, unless a parent is on drugs or abusive, each are likely to get equal time and equal say in decisions. Child support is a calculation.

Our goal is to help you simplify your divorce. This gets you focusing on what really matters – YOU!

We encourage amicable resolutions between parties. Our joint worksheet covers property, debts, and assets. We help you with valuations, including hiring an appraiser. We total the assets and debts to find where offsets are needed. Then, distribute the property accordingly.

For cases involving children, our clients are provided with several options for parenting time. The schedules can be modified to fit the needs of the children. Commonly parents select a 5-2-2-5 or week on/off schedule. A 5-2-2-5 schedule is where parent A has Monday Tuesday, parent b has Wednesday Thursday, and A and B alternate having weekends from Friday to Sunday. When it is their weekend, they will receive 5 days of time. Over two weeks, each receives 7 days.

The best part of this Better Divorce is we keep your cost down. Most divorces that are taken to trial on the low-end cost $20,000 in attorneys fees for each person. Our goal is to provide a very similar result for a fraction of the cost. Often we can process your Better Divorce for around $2,000. This $2,000 includes the $600 in filing fees paid directly to the Court.

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