Second Parent Adoptions

There are times when a second parent must adopt to obtain legal rights of their own child.

Adoption Costs and Factors

A question that is often asked is about the cost of adoption. Adoptions range from no expenses to $100,000s. Seems extreme, right?

How can I do my best to adopt my ICWA foster care placement?

In our firm’s experience, Arizona DCS has allowed increased Indian tribal participation in child welfare cases (dependency, severance, termination, adoption). Our firm has observed, in several cases, that Arizona seems to allow even greater tribal participation than federal law would require.

Agreements for Communication – Open Adoption

In most adoptions, the prospective adoptive parent has the option to keep the adoption open. An open adoption allows communication after the adoption.

Adoption Subsidy Program in Arizona

The Adoption Subsidy Program is available to children with special needs.

Adoption Hearings – How long do I have to wait?

The adoption process is faster than most court cases…

Certified to Adopt or Not?

Foster parents do not require formal certification to adopt a foster child, as their licensing meets this requirement.

Stepparent Adoption in the State of Arizona

In Arizona a stepparent can adopt their spouse’s child. This can provide permanency to a child who does not have a relationship with their other biological parent and many times has never had a relationship with the other parent.