The Adoption Subsidy Program is available to children with special needs.  Foster children (wards of the court) are determined to be special needs because of their circumstances. This means that subsidy is available for foster and kinship families adopting.

While the children are in foster care, they receive health insurance through a Comprehensive Health Plan. Previously this was CMPD (Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program) and is now referred to as Mercy Card DCS Comprehensive Health Plan.  Once the adoption is complete, subsidy secured ongoing health care coverage for each child. This ongoing coverage is provided through Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

Subsidy provides for a child’s ongoing financial needs through the age of maturity. When a foster parent has a placement, they receive a monthly foster subsidy starting around $500 per month. Kinship placements receive a nominal amount of about $50 per month.  Once the adoption process is complete, both kinship and foster parents are entitled to a monthly subsidy starting around $500 per month. This can be a big change for kinship families. In some circumstances, permanent guardians through Title 8 will also receive this subsidy.  This subsidy can be adjusted depending on the child’s level of need. The adoptive parent is required to submit an annual renewal to continue to receive these benefits.

Subsidy also covers the costs for nonrecurring adoption expenses. This amount is limited to $2,000 per adoption petition. These expenses include attorneys’ fees and court costs.

As a result of subsidy, kinship and foster adoptive parents are able to adopt at little or no cost. They also receive ongoing assistance to help the children thrive.

A.R.S. Title 8, Article 2 and 3

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