Legal Separation in the State of Arizona

Legal Separation will divide all of the assets and debts, and award legal decision-making (custody), parenting time, child support and/or spousal maintenance. 

Informal and Formal Probates in the State of Arizona

Most probate cases in Arizona are informal and can be filed and monitored by court personnel with no need to appear in court for any hearings.

Organization of Corporations and LLCs

There are various types of entities depending on whether you have other members or partners in your company.  You will either incorporate for a corporation or organize for an LLC.

Estate Planning in the State of Arizona

Estate planning can provide individuals and married couples, the ability to decide how to distribute their assets after death so that it is not left to their family or if no family, the State to decide the fate of your assets.  

Divorce in the State of Arizona

Divorce is the legal process of dissolving your marriage. It is also typically referred to as a dissolution of marriage action.