Court Approves UArizona BA in Law as an LP Educational Pathway

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The University of Arizona is very happy to announce our new, Court-approved, LP educational pathway! As of December 2021, students who are completing a UArizona BA in Law may complete the LP track of courses, and upon graduation, will be eligible for licensure.

If you are interested in pursuing your bachelors degree in the fall, it is not too late to apply! Apply now to the BA in Law Online, BA in Law Main Campus Tucson, or BA in Law UA Chandler.

Read up on additional information about licensing procedures.

History in the Making

On November 29, 2021, ten people made history when their licensing application to become an LP was approved by the Board of Nonlawyer Legal Service Providers. For many, this has been a journey that began nearly a year ago. Their pioneering spirits and tenacious resolve will help them continue to pave the way for this new tier of legal service provider in our State.

The following individuals were granted an LP license to practice in the endorsement area of Family Law and Chelsea Woodworth is soon to become the first LP with a dual license having recently passed the Civil Law Endorsement exam. Please join us in wishing each of these individuals our sincere congratulations!

Mandi Hemming
Amber Labadie
Holli Parsons
Randi Partain
Stacy Portonova
Stephanie Villalobos
Chelsea Woodworth
Nichol Fitzpatrick
Staci Maret
Benjamin Schwartz

LP Spotlight – Blazing the Trail

As more and more LPs become licensed, we would like to spotlight a few of the new legal professionals and their journeys.

This month we will be spotlighting Mandi Hemming, Amber Labadie, and Chelsea Woodworth who have graciously agreed to share their experiences. All three women signed up for the very first LP test administration and bonded quickly over their shared desire to become LPs. Over lunch, the ladies decided to form a study group and, together, passed the exams. All three women have extensive experience working in the legal field and have always been interested in the law.

Ms. Hemming and Ms. Woodworth have launched the state’s first LP practice called AZ Legal Services where they will offer LP services in family law. Amber Labadie continues to work with the law firm of Lewis Labadie using her LP endorsement which is also in family law. They are excited to be among the first 10 LPs in Arizona and continue to provide support and encouragement for one another in this unchartered territory. Their friendship and the tenacity of spirit they each demonstrate will serve them well as they continue to pave the way for other future LPs.

Courts Release a New and Improved Schedule

Exciting new developments on the testing front! Shortly after the new year, the Courts unveiled an extensive list of testing dates now available. Candidates now select the date they want to take the exam and which exam they wish to complete. There are also dates offered that have morning and afternoon sessions for those that wish to take more than one test on the same day. The only test still unavailable is the Administrative Law Endorsement Exam; the Court plans to offer this exam for the first time in March 2022.

See the Court LP Website for additional instructions and registration deadline information.

Don’t forget, there is some test prep material available from the State Bar of Arizona. The discount code is still LPPREP2021 which will qualify you for a 10% discount off the Bar Member rate for select programs.

There is also a free Legal Paraprofessional Examination Study Guide provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

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