Unlock Hassle-Free Inheritance: Stay out of Probate Court with this Quick Estate Planning Guide

Among the worst issues are that probate court can delay transferring your assets to your heirs, can cause privacy issue because probate cases are a matter of public record, can be costly if your estate has to hire a lawyer, and can open your estate up to conflict from a probate challenge.

Judge Pro Tempore

This article is designed to explain the role of a Judge Pro Tempore “JPT” and to identify how it differs from a permanent judge. It is an important distinction for accuracy and understanding of private practice and governmental service.

How does ICWA affect a DCS (or CPS) case?

ICWA has a number of protections, but they can be summed up with two words: participation and difficulty.

Department of Child Safety Central Registry

The Central Registry is a state-wide database listing who has substantiated reports of abuse or neglect to a child or vulnerable adult. This does not include mere investigations or unsubstantiated allegations.

What to Do and Not Do in a Court Case

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do in court and the common sense that is often discarded when it comes to going to court.