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“We believe that all clients are entitled to fairness, transparency, and the best possible outcome.”

Brittany Labadie attorney

Our Background in Arizona Law

The firm was established in 2014 by Daniel Lewis, our Founding Partner. He first represented business clients with an eye toward establishing a family law practice.  His experience with Indian tribal clients led to representing Indian law clients and juvenile law clients, including adoptions and dependencies.  His vision for the firm reflects Daniel’s honest and straightforward approach to life. His clients are people, not numbers or bank accounts. Each deserves effective and ethical representation with quality advice at competitive rates.

Shortly after opening, Daniel hired Brittany Labadie as a law clerk in 2014, while she was in law school. Having worked in family law as an administrator for over 10 years, Brittany was instrumental in establishing the firm’s foothold. In 2016, Brittany passed the Arizona Bar Exam and due to her hard work in establishing the firm, Brittany was offered a role as Managing Partner. For those who know her, know being the boss is the perfect place for her.

However, with Brittany working as an attorney, that left two attorneys with no administrative help.   Thankfully, Brittany knew a super paralegal (who is now a licensed Legal Paraprofessional “LP”) with over 30 years’ experience in law. The firm hired Amber Labadie in 2016.  As you can see, Brittany and Amber share a last name. This is because they are mother and daughter.

Little did the firm know that Arizona laws would open a Legal Paraprofessional (LP) license. The LP is a limited practice license for legal services. The LPs can appear in court, draft documents, and provide legal advice. Amber is now a Legal Paraprofessional holding her family law endorsement.

This provides Lewis Labadie with the ability to provide services to clients with more flexibility and reasonable costs by having Amber represent clients too.  And best of all, allow Amber to showcase her years of experience and finally argue a case in court.  Amber is not an attorney but she is licensed member of the State Bar of Arizona, has a family law endorsement and has passed the exams required by the Supreme Court to hold an LP license.

Arizona’s Legal Paraprofessional Program allows for legal advocacy and representation at a greatly reduced cost.

Just as doctors have nurse practitioners who assist them and are not doctors, lawyers can now have LP’s.  LP’s can do everything an attorney can do at a more economical cost, which is perfect for many clients who need assistance and cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Over the years, business was busier. It was time to expand again.  After searching, our firm found Emily Vance. Emily was hired as a legal assistant in 2018. As soon as the interview started, we knew she was a perfect fit.  Being the first point of contact, Emily is the face and voice of our firm.  Her intelligence, compassion, and patience are valued by clients and Lewis Labadie.

In the beginning, the firm stayed local helping the Tempe area. We now proudly serve the entire State of Arizona. We have offices in both Maricopa County and Pinal County.

Our Legal Team

Daniel Lewis attorney in Phoenix Arizona

Daniel Lewis

Fouding Partner

Brittany Labadie attorney

Brittany Labadie

Adoption & Business Attorney

Amber Labadie

Amber Labadie

Legal Paraprofessional in Family Law

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